You can contact us through this form for general inquiries and booking of a sightseeing tour. Please let us know date, time, number of persons and pick-up/destination location.

    Our sightseeing tours

    Sightseeing tourDurationTotal price 1-4 persons5-9 persons10-16 persons
    City centre – Varden290,- NOK490,- NOK790,- NOK
    City centre – Varden with 15 min. wait and return440,- NOK660,- NOK910,- NOK
    Taxicruise Moldepanorama60 min1200,- NOK1400,- NOK1850,- NOK
    Molde – Bud inc. 15 min. wait and return2150,- NOK2950,- NOK3450,- NOK
    Molde – Bud – Atlantic road, with 2×15 min. wait and return2950,- NOK3950,- NOK4550,- NOK
    Molde – Atlantic road, with 15 min. wait and return2250,- NOK2950,- NOK2890,- NOK
    Molde – Åndalsnes/Trollstigen incl. 60 minute wait and return + ferry costs4900,- NOK5450,- NOK6900,- NOK